Terms and Conditions of Purchasing from Empire Distribution USA

Terms and Conditions of Purchasing

Empire Distribution USA (Empire Wholesale & Distribution Inc.) specializes in the distribution of brand-name products. We do not take responsibility for any items that are restricted on any 3rd party marketplaces including but not limited to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wish, Poshmark, etc. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure before buying that he/she is eligible to sell this item on Amazon or any other marketplaces. This includes but is not limited to brands, categories, subcategories, PPE, hazmat, IP, pesticide, limited storage, policies, etc. After confirmation, all sales will be deemed final without any resolution.

We purchase our products through our vendor network. We take no responsibility for any Amazon or brand issues. We are not responsible nor can manage price fluctuations within Amazon’s marketplace. Any MAP pricing restrictions will be notified to the buyers prior to payment. Empire Distribution USA will not offer any supportive documents besides invoices for any Amazon issues.  For any claims of shortages or receipt of damaged goods, you must file a report with the shipping carrier at the time of delivery. All sales are final. When doing business with Empire Distribution USA you acknowledge and agree with all terms and conditions above.

Forms of payment

ACH: no fee

Zelle: no fee

Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover.

4% processing fee on all credit card purchases + letter of authorization signed by the cardholder is required for every transaction

Wire transfer: $15